Worldwide reading for the imprisoned Chinese poet Li Bifeng – Academy of the Arts of the World, Cologne

Dogan Akhanli – author
Günter Wallraff (pending)
Ye Fu – Chinese Author, Fellow of the Academy of the Arts of the World
Tienchi Martin-Liao – Member of the Academy of the Arts of the World
Silke Brachmann – Amnesty International

Wednesday, 5th June 2013 at 7:30pm
Academy of the Arts of the World
Im Mediapark 7, 50670 Cologne Continue reading

Li Bifeng’s story, told by Liao Yiwu

selected form Testimonials (《六四--我的證詞》2011)

On a regular day, our dinner was served at five o’clock and between afterwards, inmates could relax and move about inside our compound freely. Those with music talents used the time to indulge in their hobbies inside the dorm. Continue reading

Memories of My First-time Prison

by Li Bifeng

15th June 1998, sunny after a shower

Always after dinner in those days Liao Yiwu would come up to me and invited me for a walk together. We walked in circles around the small courtyard. We didn’t have any specific issues and we did talks just for talking. So our conversations were always casual and relaxed. But there were also some troublesome moments. Because Liao Yiwu is a shrewd man. In conversation one has often to be very cautious. I stay with my principle, that I don’t seek any quarrels with people who are contentious. Continue reading

Diary in prison: The weapons of the mosquitoes

by Li Bifeng

12th June 1998, sunny

Who invented the weapons of mosquitoes? Here I am experiencing a massive attack of mosquitoes as never before in my life. The hands and feet cannot find any protective cover. In an empty prison cell it is hopeless to find any protection. Flying mosquitoes attack us so recklessly that we scurry around like rats. But we can not find a way out. Is it the mosquitoes that desire to bite us and suck our blood? Or we are the ones ourselves who voluntarily stand out for the mosquitoes to stab us and suck our blood? Or is there another Strength within us that we don’t even defend ourselves against the mosquitoes? So many questions that were placed by the prisoners since the prison has ever existed. Who can give an answer to these questions? Anyone, who is sitting behind bars and who still has a sober brain, knows it, that these questions are stupid. For a prisoner has no rights to demand self- defense. A prisoner is not even supposed to afford resistance against a tiny mosquito.

Our Eyes Are Two Dry Wells

by Li Bifeng

Eyes – these two dry wells
Deep in the puzzled gazes there
once fertile sludge is hidden
The seedlings of love were
burned out through the fire of tears
We live on the other side of grief
Over the high wall, we watch
the sun from afar and
the mountains from afar
In the dreams of nights, we see
people from afar
Using the net of yearning we salvage
those scattered memories and then we let
the bones grow into the bones

In This Country We Can Only Stay in Hibernation



by Li Bifeng

But winter has come too soon
Our trees begin to dry
We do not have any more nutrients
Thus, our hair are frozen and become gray by the snow of years
Our skin looks like a field full of cracks

Winter is here
We are happy to stay in hibernation
The heart is tired
the blood also
Under the snow, we remain in hibernation