Diary in prison: The weapons of the mosquitoes

by Li Bifeng

12th June 1998, sunny

Who invented the weapons of mosquitoes? Here I am experiencing a massive attack of mosquitoes as never before in my life. The hands and feet cannot find any protective cover. In an empty prison cell it is hopeless to find any protection. Flying mosquitoes attack us so recklessly that we scurry around like rats. But we can not find a way out. Is it the mosquitoes that desire to bite us and suck our blood? Or we are the ones ourselves who voluntarily stand out for the mosquitoes to stab us and suck our blood? Or is there another Strength within us that we don’t even defend ourselves against the mosquitoes? So many questions that were placed by the prisoners since the prison has ever existed. Who can give an answer to these questions? Anyone, who is sitting behind bars and who still has a sober brain, knows it, that these questions are stupid. For a prisoner has no rights to demand self- defense. A prisoner is not even supposed to afford resistance against a tiny mosquito.

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